The rainy seasons will soon end, and it is now the time to start planning for your winter holidays. Christmas decorations are expensive. In most cases, Christmas decorations are dull and boring (and expensive). In this article we will offer you some really fantastic ideas on how to make an amazing, ecologically-friendly holiday decoration for your home.

Why should you bother?

You can find them in any household eco friendly. You will save money in most cases. If you’re looking for a way to decorate your home in a cost-effective manner for the holidays, this is the solution for you.

Creating your own decorations, on the other hand is a fantastic way to escape from the mundane Christmas routine. Handmade decorations can be unique and original.

The natural materials you choose are best if your concern is for the environment.

We have some ideas for you.

Reusing, recycling

Our first and best solution is this. Put to use the decoration from last year. You’ll definitely find some lovely things and elements you can use for your holiday decor. If you have broken toys, see if they can be repaired. These can include balls, rings or small hooks. Just improvise, and use your creativity.

Your garden…

Your garden is full of many natural products. Particularly right before the start of winter when everything is preparing for the cold. You will find plenty of cones, sprigs, and other tree decorations. A great idea to use is to create seasonal decor. It will take you very little effort. It’s just a matter of putting walnuts in a bowl and adding cones. So you can easily create a pleasant atmosphere in the home or at work. In your living area, a vase of pine-sprigs is a nice addition.


Candles are an excellent decoration idea that doesn’t require any special occasion. Candles make any room more inviting, and romantic if desired. Candles can be used in any interior. Candles can be placed in various sizes wherever you think is appropriate, like above the fireplace. Add small stones in various colors or dried leaves to each candle. This will give the decoration a nice touch. Fill the small glasses with acorns. It’s eco friendly, creative and looks good in winter or summer. Combine some of these previous ideas with the one below.

Hand-made Christmas tree decoration

To spend a few hours together with your family and have fun, get your children involved in creating a Christmas tree decoration. This is a great way to have fun. You can use whatever you’ve got on hand. Even broken toys will do. One idea is to wrap a few walnuts in foil, making sure that the shiny surface is on the exterior. You can make a tiny hook with a clip. These small, shining balls will make the perfect tree for Christmas