Roof Cleaning FAQs That You Will Find Useful

Are you sick of looking at the ugly, discolored shingles on your roof? If you answered yes, it is time to hire a professional roof cleaning service. These are some questions and answers about action roofing. Does your roof system look like coffee has been spilled on it? Unclean roofing can make a house look less beautiful. It’s not only the interior of your house that is seen by everyone, but the exterior can also reflect on your appearance. Roof cleaning will enhance the look of your house at a low cost. Here are a few FAQs on roof cleaning! How long does cleaning take? The process of cleaning the roof usually takes between two and three hours. The size and shape of your home will affect the length of time it takes you to clean your roofing system. The results can be seen immediately.

Why are black streaks appearing on my roof shingles? Algae are the culprits of black streaks. All roof types have the potential to be infested with algae. As the algae multiply, you will see your roofing system becoming discolored. Can algae damage my roof? Absolutely. The moisture in the algae increases rotting. Granules are also loosened, reducing the lifespan of roof shingles. Once your roof is cleaned by a roof cleaning product, it will remain free of any algae for up four years.

Will pressure washers damage my roofs? You can damage your roof with pressure washing. This will also invalidate your manufacturer’s warranties. Pressure washing will remove protective granules off the surface of your roof shingles. Remember that professional roof cleaners employ low-pressure cleaning techniques. Their equipment produces less pressure than garden hoses and will not damage your roof. Do contractors use safe products? Roof cleaners clean with products that are non-toxic to people, animals, plants, shrubs, and grass. They don’t use harsh chemicals. Their cleaning solutions are strong and will destroy algae but won’t damage shingles.

Are algae and fungi harmful to the health? Not all types of algae or mold are dangerous to health. Some types of mold and algae can be harmful for people with respiratory conditions, children, or seniors. Mold growth is a cause of toxicity and allergy. It is important to eliminate any mold growth, regardless of species. Algae can be airborne like other spores. Airborne spores are a problem for people with seasonal allergies. The bottom line: Keeping your roof clean reduces your carbon impact and increases the life expectancy of your roof. To make your roof look its best, you should contact a professional roofing cleaning company in your region. After the roof cleaning treatment, you’ll be amazed at the elegant look of your roof!

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